Saturday 15 January 2011

Guide To Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes On BMW E34

This guide documents how I replaced a rear subframe bush on an BMW E34 525 TDS Touring.

I am by no means an expert, I just enjoy working on my own cars. Following this guide is done entirely at the reader's own risk.

Symptoms for the failure of this bush are described here.

Here is a diagram (courtesy of RealOEM)of the rear subframe to help visualise what you are replacing.

Item number 2 is the bush, rather misleading shown above the subframe as it actually assembles into the bottom of the subframe housing. It is about the size of a Coke can. Its anatomy, very simply, is an outer steel cylinder and an inner steel pillar, which is bonded to the outer by means of solid rubber. This rubber connection is what isolates the vibrations of the road/subframe assembly from the vehicle. The outer cylinder is also coated in the same rubber.

Friday 14 January 2011

BMW E34 Rear Subframe Bush Removal Tool

I am planning on replacing the bushes that connect the rear subframe to the chassis. As I explained previously, these appear to be very worn out and getting worse.

The bushes pressed into the housing in the subframe. It is not a metal to metal fit as the bush has an external rubber coating over a steel cylindrical body. So even though it is a tight fit and requires a tool to remove and install them, hopefully removal shouldn't be too difficult as one can always heat to soften or even melt away the external rubber coating (with great care of course).